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Here the answer to this question is usually that there are three main reasons:
the weather, the weather and the weather!

But joking aside, weather is the most important aspect for everybody, therefore we will devote a whole chapter to it (Weather) where it will be described in detail. Let us just say for now that the most important feature of the weather is its constancy; summer lasts for six months with almost permanent sunshine; the temperature is 28-35 during the day not decreasing below 22-24 degrees even late at night and at down. In winter the temperature varies between 8 and 20 degrees, with no frost at all! Where will you find an other place in Europe where the number of sunny days is over 320?
In comparison the Croat seaside, the Italian or French Riviera, or even Costa Brava or Barcelona in Spain which are all beautiful places, all closes down almost completely for winter, the temperature often drops below zero, and heating is a must. Costa del Sol has its second season in winter; this is the time when the Brits, Germans and others come to golf, and this is where the Swedish and other northern people escape from their long, cold and dark winter. There are more then 40 golf courses in Costa del Sol open all year round and 30 more are in construction, earning the place the name of Costa del Golf. Many more came here in winter from other countries in Europe, pensioners, mothers with small children, and many people tired of the frosty, slushy, rainy, windy European climate.

Due to the pleasant winter weather there are no heating equipment in the flats; the heating of the air conditioning system, a fireplace or a radiator are more then sufficient for the few colder days.

In Costa del Sol the terraces of restaurants do not soak through, the gardens do not close, and at midday guests can sit comfortably in the pleasant, warm sunshine wearing polo shirts, and many prefer to sit in the terraces under a gas radiator even in the evening hours instead of the closed rooms. 450,000 British families have purchased property in Spain in the past years and Costa del Sol is a big favourite; research has shown that 60 % of those from the northern-European countries looking for property chose Costa del Sol. The results of the research list the following as the main reason for this choice:

- Incomparable climate
- Growing economy
- World standard infrastructure
- Excellent health care, pure air and healthy food
- Good security and excellent public transport
- Care-free life style, infinite opportunities for sport and amusement
- Wonderful surroundings
- Safe schools
- Opportunities for work entrepreneurship

In the comparisons an important aspect referred to is that schools and health care are better then in Great Britain, and the opportunities are incomparable. Here everybody can forget the rainy, windy autumn days and dark winter nights and can live an enviable quality life. One of the main reasons is the crystal clear air, with carbon dioxide content less then half of the European average thanks to the permanent air motion caused by the sea and the proximity of the hills. Here everybody can follow the Mediterranean diet to his/her heart's content which besides a plenitude of fresh produce - vegetables, fruits, olive oil and olive - offers a broad selection of fish, calamari and many other fruits of the sea, supplemented by the indispensable, broad selection of famous Spanish wines.

Besides all imaginable kinds of water sports, there are fishing places, and skin-diving is available from beginner to professional level. There are more then forty world class golf courses open all year round and an other 30 are in construction. Exceptional terrain is available for those who love hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, tennis and horse riding and just two hours away from Costa del Sol on the 3400 meters peeks of Sierra Nevada more then fifty world class ski courses await winter sports lovers from beginners to professional level.

By now due to its fascinating location and dynamic economic development Costa del Sol is considered the California and even the Florida of Europe. Up to now a total of 20,000 British citizens have set up their own ventures in Spain and live here the life of successful businessmen. Last year the construction of 700,000 new homes began, more then in France, Germany and the Benelux states combined, and 500.000 new jobs were created in 2004, which is half of the number of new jobs created in the whole EU. The massive growth registered in Spain is closely connected with the large infrastructure investments. A good example is the 191 million Euros invested in the enlargement of the Malaga airport and the 12 millions passenger traffic last year which is expected to increase to 20 millions in 2009.

According to the plans of the Spanish government more EU support would be used for the further development of Costa del Sol's infrastructure, for instance for the construction of a metro in Malaga, with a planned handover in 2009, and the construction of a coastal rail by 2007 between e Malaga, Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona. Besides the above a motorway is to be built from Malaga through Marbella and Estepona towards Gibraltar. Taking into consideration the unique weather, the opportunities for leisure, sports and entertainment, the attraction of nature and environment, the diversity of culture and the colossal development of the economy and infrastructure, it is hardly surprising that about 4 million foreigners took root in Spain in the last five years, and this is just the beginning! According to the forecasts more then 2 million foreigners will buy property in the next year in Costa del Sol.
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