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2019. May 22.
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Very often it is said that Costa del Sol has a Mediterranean climate, determined first of all by the joint effect of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean the nearness of Africa, and the close vicinity of the hills. The Golf current which in Europe is responsible for the cool summers and mild winters, here keeps the summer temperature between 30-35 degrees and does not let the winter temperature fall under 8-10 degrees. The 1000-1500 metres high range of mountains just a few kilometres from the coast separate Costa del Sol from the continental climate inner areas of the Iberian island where summer is far hotter (36-40 degrees) and the winter temperature goes below zero. The above factors are responsible for the exceptional, unique micro-climate of this area.

The two factors that most characterise the weather in Costa del Sol are sunshine and permanency. Where else will you find an other place in Europe where the number of sunny days is over 320, summer lasts for six months and the sun is always shining. Examining the constancy of the whether on a yearly basis it can be seen that the temperature varies between 8 and 35 degrees -that is the difference between the highest summer and lowest winter temperature is about 27 degrees, this in Hungary is almost the double (-15 and +35 degrees). The temperature change within one day is 22 - 35 degrees in summer and 8 - 18 degrees in winter thus, the difference is about. 10-12 degrees while in Hungary this is more then 15 degrees.

The basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate are the long, dray sunny summer, short and pleasant autumn and spring and the either sunny or rainy, but always frost free winter. According to the statistics the number of sunny days (more then 320) in Costa del Sol is unique in the whole of Europe, but even worldwide there are but a few territories with similarly pleasant climate like for instance California, Florida, South-Africa, the central part of Chile and South-west Australia.

The table below shows the average temperatures, the number of sunny hours, sunny and rainy days by months and yearly average:

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sze. Okt. Nov. Dec. Av.
Air °C 14 14 17 18 20 23 26 28 23 16 14 14 21
Sunny hours 6 7 6 7 9 11 11 11 8 7 6 6 8
Sunny days 26 23 24 26 28 28 31 31 27 27 23 26 320
Rainy days 5 5 7 4 3 2 0 0 3 4 7 5 45

Here the summer lasts from May to mid October with a pleasant temperature between 28-32 degrees, with a few days only when the strong winds from Africa burst in causing hotter "hair dryer" like windy whether. The temperature late at night and at down is around 22-24 degrees, so you can sit out on the terrace, in the garden or on the beach in short pants and a polo shirt until down, can fold and put away your pullover for the whole summer and all but forget about umbrella. According g to the residents October and November are the best when with a few rainy days far and between there is mostly sunshine and the temperature is between 20-25 degrees.

Winter is limited to December, January and February, then the highest temperature is between 18-20 degrees, the lowest between 8-10 degrees. The number of rainy days is about 30 per year, limited mostly to the period between January and March, but according to the average even then two out of three days are sunny and only one is rainy. It is due to this very fine "winter" weather that contrary to many other resorts, the Italian and French Riviera, Croatia, the northern regions of Spain, Barcelona, Costa Brava which during winter are deserted and practically close down Costa del Sol remains the favourite of the tourist in winter too; from November to March came the golf lovers and the citizens of many Scandinavian countries who would rather spend the winter months here than at home.
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